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We've gotten hold of the plant control program, but the MELTDOWN button is locked. Figure out the flag and press the button!
Note: To run the program, you'll have to press the Run button in the upper left of the window. Press the Abort button to stop it.
Note: To run the program, you'll need some rather expensive software; look for the "community edition", it's free. It's bulky, so maybe consider installing on a VM.
Author: nb


The source code given is a LabVIEW file. Open it using LabVIEW Community.
For substring (0, 19), its XOR with 5 is compared with AdrbFQC~hwZGPWK0Zop.
For the rest, 0xA is subtracted from it and compared with s:)DHK8Uj&]Uj+. The string is also reversed.
first_part = 'AdrbFQC~hwZGPWK0Zop'
second_part = 's:)DHK8Uj&]Uj+'
for char in first_part:
print(chr(ord(char) ^ 5), end='')
result = ''
for char in second_part:
result += chr(ord(char) + 0xA)