Triskel 3: Dead End

Werkzeug Debugger Console RCE


You are admin now... Anyway now you can't access any information or have more privileges so I guess it's the end of your journey haha!

by Remsio


We can now see that in the cookies, we have a value for confidential_documents, which seems like another "API call".

We are told that the API is powered by Werkzeug, which includes a debugging console at /console if debugging is enabled.

The current cookie is set to the production server. If debugging is enabled, it would probably be at the development server.

If we go over to, we can see that there is a Werkzeug console.

The secret key for the debugger is hardcoded in the JavaScript.

Hence, we can craft a request as follows to achieve RCE.'os').listdir('/')%3b&frm=0&s=IUrsy36AKlZ2zvT1vaPc

We find flag.txt in the / directory, so we can simply send another request to read the flag.


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